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Hotel Map

garden & bungalows

rooms - 400 block

rooms - 300 block

main pool

second pool


Hotel is in a good location on the corner of Melasti St & Pantai Kuta....close to the beach,markets and restaurants.

Has 2 storey block rooms in 3 sections numbers in 200's, 300's &400's.
Also has bungalows dotted throughout and some bigger bungalows (family?) near the pool.

Has 2 pools.. the larger one with 24hr pool bar and fairly loud music all day. If you want to lay quietly by the pool the smaller one is the better option.
Children's playground equipment,table tennis and massage huts are located between the two pools.

Both pools have a few broken/chipped tiles  and  are  warm to swim in.
Some mould/slime and a 'dirt line' also evident around the edge of the pool and on the steps. 
The larger pool has a basketball ring in the pool and is located next to both the restaurants (1 a pizzeria).

We stayed in the rooms in the 300 block. Rooms were equipped with fridge/mini bar ,TV,wardrobe. Not all stations were working (depending which room you were in) but staff came to tune then in for you. The staff were very friendly & willing to help.

Bathrooms were ordinary...very dim lighting just over the basin, plumbing in need of repair and a cockroach problem.

Hotel is 'fogged' periodically.

Food delivered through room service was average.

Room cleaning starts at 8am everyday.The 'Do Not Disturb' sign had to be displayed if a sleep in was required. Staff waited around the room anyway to clean it.
Rooms were swept & mopped but with the same rag for each room in the hotel. After a few days all our rooms had that 'wet sponge smell' after cleaning.

Clientele at the hotel were mainly young couples, groups of young friends, middle-aged couples. 
Intan has lovely gardens, Balinese ambience, nice staff ,central location and is 3 star moderate accom.

Hotel starting to look a little 'tired' and is in need of some maintenance to the rooms and pool.

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