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BALI ROCK - Melasti St


January 2004
Joe has now left Bali Rock and Blacky is the resident DJ on most nights. Live bands play most nights and it is usually quite busy on those nights. Photos below of Blacky singing with the 'Natural' band and also of the band 'Recycle'

Blacky is a natural with 'Natural'

Blacky & 'Natural'


DeeDee (Dayu)



Bali Rock




Waiter at Bali Rock

Joe Cool

On the dance Bali Rock
On the dance Bali Rock

Joe Cool (photo courtesy of Karen)
Joe Cool


Bali Rock (a bar/restaurant where you can play pool and listen to music) is located in Melasti St

It is a venue where you can take kids, play pool,listen to music,dance etc.

Parts of Bali Rock are open air so if it rains be prepared to get wet on the dance floor or on the way to the toilet.

Most nights a band is in attendance and Joe Cool (the resident DJ) plays music during the breaks and entertains the customers.

The staff at Bali Rock are friendly and join in with a game of pool or on the dance floor.

Meals are served till around 9 to 9:30pm and Happy Hour is from 8:30 to 10:30pm.

2 for 1 Bali Hai & Anker Beer during Happy Hour. Bintangs are not included in this offer.

There is an extensive list of cocktails to choose from such as 'Chocolate Bunnies', Illusions etc.

Closing time is usually 1am but Joe will close earlier if its not a busy night.

The more people there are at Bali Rock, the more the staff 'rock'. If it's quiet they dont dance,joke around or play up to customers as much.

You can expect to hear pretty much the same songs played by Joe each night during the breaks. By the end of the holiday I knew most of the words to the songs played.

Bali rock is frequented by tourists,locals,families,couples and the odd prostitute.