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Photos courtesy of braddles

pool area

deluxe room

dlx bathroom




All our breakfasts were included in our package deal. You had the choice of fruit juice or a fruit platter, the choice of numerous egg dishes or nasi goreng plus toast jam and coffee. A very adequate breakfast indeed. Just a little teeny word of advice - we took our own coffee and vegemite jars with us (still havnt acquired the taste for Bali coffee.) It never ceases to amaze me the memory the Balinese have. Our waitress Anna asked our names the first day at brekky and never forgot them till the day we went. As soon as we arrived at our table our hot water was ready and waiting for us ...never needed to ask . I can't say enough about how lovely these people were that served us at the hotel for the duration of our stay. On completion of our first breakfast a leisurely stroll around the hotel to get our bearings (and of course have a quick sticky beak at who else was there).The hotel consisted of 2 beautiful pools.One had a spa attached plus a waterfall(this was real refreshing to stand under ..was quite invigorating on the old backs. The second pool (and the largest) had the sunken bar (the cocktails were to die for )and also nets on either side if you wished to play water polo.  We decided to leave this for the young ones ...didnt want to put them to shame . Heaps of lounges were around the pool with umbrellas scattered here and there. There was never a problem in obtaining a lounge at all during the day no matter what time . The only problem I found for myself was, there was not a lot of shade. Gardens around the hotel were immaculate and the good old frangipani trees smelt wonderful.